Legislative Accomplishments



Delegate Addie Eckardt is a seasoned nurse-legislator who has been in the Maryland General Assembly serving on the House of Delegates for the past 15 years. She has served for 8 years on the House Economic Matters Committee and for the last 7 years on the House Appropriations Committee. She serves on a number of Committees including the Administrative, Executive, Legislative Review Committee Spending Affordability, the House Appropriations sub committees of Health and Human Resources, Capital Budget, Welfare Reform and Pensions Oversight. In addition she is a member of the following Joint Oversight Committees of the Office on Children, Health Care Financing, Access to Mental Health and the House Special Task Force on Drugs and Alcohol. Delegate Eckardt has been an American Legislative Exchange (ALEC) member for the past ten years. ALEC is a free-market legislative organization for state legislators. She has served on the Health and Human Resources Executive Committee at least 7 of those years. Eckardt believes in the Jeffersonian principles of limited government and attempts to apply those in a much regulated state. The list below outlines some of her introduced legislation over the past 15 years.


HB1319 Family Medicine Rural Health Commission Would establish a commission that would determine the capacity, feasibility and funding for Family Medicine Rural Residency opportunities in Maryland Rural areas based on the Alabama model that had a significant impact on increasing the number of physicians I serving in Rural Alabama. Although the bill was withdrawn, a workgroup has been meeting to attain the objectives outlined in the bill without cost.

HB758 Health Care Facilities-Reporting Reimbursements for Never Events Would direct the State Agencies to develop a mechanism to not reimburse for never events based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recommendation.


HB372 Maryland Veterans Behavioral Health Established behavioral health service coordination among the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, the Maryland National Guard, and the Maryland Defense Force for veterans of the Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts; requiring the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to seek reimbursement for specified services; etc. *Through the Budget Addie Eckardt was able to get an amendment that would increase the Cost of Living adjustment for community caregivers who have been severely underfunded.*


HB1068 Consumer Health Open Insurance Coverage Act of 2007 Prohibiting the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene from applying for specified waivers or expanding a specified program except under specified circumstances on or after a specified date; establishing the Maryland Health Insurance Exchange in the Maryland Health Care Commission; requiring the Commission to oversee the administration of the Maryland Health Insurance Exchange; etc.

HB 1070 Health Services Cost Review Commission – Repeal of Commission and Study of Alternative Financing of Uncompensated and Undercompensated Care Repealing provisions of law relating to the Health Services Cost Review Commission and its powers and duties; altering provisions of law relating to the Health Services Cost Review Commission; repealing a requirement that specified health facilities submit specified discharge information; repealing specified requirements regarding reimbursement rates set by the Health Services Cost Review Commission; requiring nonprofit hospitals to submit a specified report to the Maryland Health Care Commission; etc

HB1074 Repeal of Certificate of Need Requirements – Health Care Facilities Other Than Home Health Agencies and Hospices Altering requirements that specified health facilities obtain a certificate of need in order to build a new facility or expand a facility; repealing specified provisions relating to certificates of need for specified facilities; altering specified definitions; repealing specified definitions; requiring the Maryland Health Care Commission to develop a specified comprehensive plan for emergency medical services; etc. HB 1076 Health Insurance – Low-Income Health Insurance Premium Support Fund Health Insurance Establishing the Low-Income Health Insurance Premium Support Fund; providing for the purpose of the Fund; requiring the Maryland Health Care Commission to administer the Fund; providing that the Fund is a special, nonlapsing Fund; providing that specified interest and other income from the Fund shall be accounted for and credited in a specified manner; providing for the makeup of the Fund; etc.


HB1412 Health Insurance – Small Group Market – Internet-Based Intermediary Pilot Program Establishing an Internet-Based Intermediary Pilot Program; requiring the Pilot Program to be established on the Eastern Shore; providing for the purpose of the Pilot Program; requiring the Maryland Health Care Commission to contract with a person to serve as an Internet-based intermediary under the Pilot Program; prohibiting specified persons from contracting with the Commission to serve as the Internet-based intermediary; etc.

HB315 Family Caregiver Assistance Program Establishing a Family Caregiver Assistance Program in the Department of Aging; specifying the purpose of the Program; providing for funding of the Program; authorizing the Secretary of Aging to accept specified moneys for specified purposes; authorizing the Program to provide specified family caregivers with specified grants not to exceed a specified amount per year; etc.


HB 19 Adopting the Maryland Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act Specifying that provisions of specified consumer protection laws apply to the subject matter of consumer contracts; establishing provisions of law applicable to agreements to create, modify, transfer, or distribute computer software, computer data and databases, Internet and online information, and computer information and products; establishing a Joint Technology Oversight Committee; etc.


HB283 Mandated Health Insurance Services – Cost Determination Requiring the Health Care Access and Cost Commission to annually determine the full cost of all existing mandated health insurance services as a percentage of Maryland’s average annual wage and as a percentage of health insurance premiums; requiring the Commission to report this information to the General Assembly; requiring the Commission to perform a full evaluation of existing mandates if and when the full cost of existing mandates reaches or exceeds 2.2% of the State’s average annual wage; etc.


HB701 Education – School Health Pilot Program – Repeal of Termination Provision Requiring a health research design analyst designated by the Department ofHealth and Mental Hygiene or the Baltimore City Health Department to prepare specified reports on the status and success of the School Health Pilot Program on a specified date; repealing a specified obsolete provision of law; repealing a provision of law relating to the evaluation and termination of the School Health Pilot Program; and altering the name of the School Health Pilot Program

HB1352 Requiring specified insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations to provide coverage for diabetes equipment, supplies, and outpatient self-management training and educational services; authorizing an insurer, nonprofit health service plan, or health maintenance organization to impose specified deductibles or coinsurance requirements; etc.




Legislator of the Year award from ALEC the American Legislative Exchange Council for several years of legislative initiatives that promote ALEC principles 2009: John R. Hargreaves Distinguished Legislative Fellow, Salisbury University.


Legislator of the Year Award from the Maryland Nurses Association for outstanding service to Nursing:


Legislator of the Year recognition fron Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA of Maryland) for contributions through the organizations and legislation impacting children in need of assistance.


Midshore Mental Health System Calibur award for decisions and budget language to secure funding for the Eastern Shore mental health agencies 2003: Outstanding Rural Legislator of the Year Award from the Maryland Rural Council


Recognition for ongoing commitment to and support for children, youth, and families, Local Management Board, 2003 2003, 2005, 2007: (Circle of Excellence) Recognized as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women, Daily Record